Entry #101

Future of Concept Hunter

2016-07-23 10:43:04 by KOKOStern

There hasn't been a Concept Hunter in some time and I wanted to update anyone who might be expecting those weekly releases. I've had some time on my hands and decided to finally try and create a bit more serious videos. There are already two such videos up in a playlist on my youtube channel.

These video essays take a lot of time to create but they allow me to touch on various topics in a much more concise and easy to digest way. Though they take a ton of effort, I like making them, and I feel focusing on those instead of other types of videos is a good thing. With that said, if I find games I really want to talk about in the Concept Hunter format I might go back and make an episode, in which case I'll be sure to post it up on Newgrounds as usual.

I love Newgrounds and I still check in every once in a while to find cool concepts, but sometimes I feel I've been doing this so long (there are 156 videos on the playlist linked above) that we sometimes repeat topics (enable the up arrow key for platformers and not just space god dammit) and could try and only have an episode for really unique games.

I would highly appriciate your continued support on my youtube channel. As always you can find me on all the social stuff or e-mail me at: KOKOSternContact@gmail.com

Thank you,



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