Stop and Go Perfection

2014-08-19 04:27:29 by KOKOStern

Concept Hunter - Steam Rogue

A perfect example of a stop and go platformer.

Concept Hunter is a weekly show focusing short games with cool concepts. Every Tuesday I find an interesting  game and pick it apart from a game design perspective.

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2014-08-19 09:10:04

Not bad, glad you liked the game.

If there is something that could be improved, I think you should show more of the actual game you are featuring. Don't just tell people how good something is, show players the various levels and how the concept works in practice beyond the first couple of levels. Other than that I liked your video.

KOKOStern responds:

I usually talk about progression, but there isn't much to talk about with this game. The levels are short, and there isn't a ton of new elements introduced. It's mostly mastering of the basic elements, and then the game ends.

Glad you enjoyed it in any case.